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CG-LOCK IS NOT A SAFETY DEVICE. Do not use the CG-Lock without first reading and understanding the safety information provided with the product. Do not use the CG-Lock if you do not understand any part of the full Safety Instructions or any part of the Installation Instructions.

General Safety

The CG-Lock is intended expressly for those uses specifically stated; do not use for any other purpose.

The CG-Lock is not a replacement or substitute for the proper use of appropriate seat belts.

The CG-Lock does not fit all vehicles. If the CG-Lock does not fit your vehicle, return the CG-Lock with a completed Return Form (see the "Return Policy"). You will receive a full refund for the CG-Lock and shipping.

The CG-Lock is designed ONLY for use with specific factory-installed (OEM) standard three-point lap/shoulder harnesses. Installation Instructions provided with the device contain full details.

Appropriate use of the CG-Lock is at the discretion of the user; do not use if there is the slightest question of appropriateness of application, fit, or safety. If you have questions, return the CG-Lock for a refund of the purchase price as described in the Money Back Guarantee. The user is responsible for installing the CG-Lock correctly and according to the supplied directions.

To disable the CG-Lock, simply remove the slide bar.

Prior to each use, check the security of the CG-Lock installation and examine the seat belt for signs of wear or other concerns. In the event that a loose fit or wear is seen or suspected, discontinue use of the CG-Lock until the seat belt or CG-Lock is replaced.

All driving is inherently dangerous and is performed under a wide range of conditions and/or driver skills, all of which are uncontrollable, by Mather Automotive Innovations, Inc. Mather Automotive Innovations, Inc. accepts no responsibility for the consequences of vehicle use or driver actions.

The CG-Lock purchaser assumes responsibility and liability for any and all unsupported users, including all restrictions, conditions, and disclaimers provided with the device.

In the event a CG-Lock is in use in a vehicle at the time of an accident or impact (greater than 1 G stressing of the seat belt), discontinue use of the CG-Lock at once. The CG-Lock should be returned to Mather Automotive Innovations, Inc. for a free replacement. A shipping and handling fee will be charged.

In any case, Mather Automotive Innovations, Inc. shall not be liable for more than the replacement cost of the CG-Lock.

Manufacturer's and seller's liability is limited solely to replacement or refund, and in no case is the manufacturer or seller liable for incidental or coincidental damages.

Driving-related uses

The CG-Lock is NOT A SAFETY DEVICE; it does not increase safety and does not decrease risk of accident or harm.

The CG-Lock is not intended for street use. Suggested uses include closed-course, sanctioned driver training under the direction and control of appropriate instructors, such as autocrossing during an SCCA-sanctioned event.

The CG-Lock is intended for use by trained or highly experienced drivers only (for example, graduates of performance driving schools or advanced driver training, trucker's school, and the like).

A CG-Lock does not change the laws of physics. The effects of speed restrictions, braking distance, lateral g loading, acceptable angles of climb and descent, and other such driving attributes are unchanged by the presence of a CG-Lock, and appropriate cautions must be taken irrespective of the use of a CG-Lock.

Child car safety and booster seat uses

The CG-Lock is not a substitute for parental vigilance and common sense, the seat manufacturer's instructions, or appropriate child seat and booster seat safety.

Therapeutic Uses

A physician should be consulted before using the CG-Lock as a treatment or prophylactic for any type of medical condition, including but not limited to back pain, muscle spasm, fatigue, and the like.

Comfort (long haul driving) uses

The increased comfort afforded by the CG-Lock may increase a tendency towards sleepiness, over-relaxation, inattention, or other conditions not conducive to the safe operation of a motor vehicle. Care should be taken at all times to prevent these and other potentially hazardous conditions from occurring.

Limitation or Warranty

Lap Belt Cinch, Inc. hereby excludes all Warranties of Merchantability and Fitness, and shall not be liable under such Warranties.

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